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FlightSafety Academy student in cockpit

Start Pilot Training at FlightSafety Academy

Begin your professional aviation career where instructors are dedicated to your success. FlightSafety Academy prides itself on the high-quality training cadets receive. It’s the reason so many industry professionals – airlines, corporate, charter and cargo transporters – seek out our graduates. Know that your pilot training comes with an emphasis on academics, advanced training equipment and a location conducive to maximum flying opportunities. That adds up to a career head start for you.

Fly for Top Airlines and Flight Departments

See why more than 60 global airlines and 100 corporate flight departments have employed our 25,000 graduates since 1966. Training with FlightSafety International helps to open doors in aviation.

FlightSafety Academy students in classroom listening to instructor

Choose Your Training

I have no flight experience, or fewer than 100 hours.

I have a private pilot license and more than 100 hours.

I have completed Commercial Multi-Engine Rating training.

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Get Started

Take the next steps to begin an aviation career. Here’s what you need to know before beginning.

FlightSafety Academy students in classroom
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Get Help with Training Costs

Financial aid and scholarships may be available for your flight training.

“I chose FlightSafety Academy for my training because of its reputation of being an internationally known leader in the aviation industry.”

Lucas, FlightSafety Academy Cadet

Earn a College Degree While You Train

Your world-class flight training can come with a four-year degree, as well. Earn a Bachelor of Science Aviation Management (BSAM) degree from West Virginia University Institute of Technology and Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University while you complete FlightSafety Academy training.

FlightSafety Academy student doing homework

Connect with Airline Programs

Begin your training here and receive financial support or interview to be a member of the Envoy Cadet Program, Delta’s Propel Program, United Aviate Program or a similar partnership.

Plan Your Training FAQ

Mapping Out A Career Path

FlightSafety Academy taking steps to be an airline pilot

Taking Steps to be an Airline Pilot

Becoming an airline pilot can be a rewarding career path to take. While FlightSafety Academy starts you on the lucrative journey, what can you expect about the process? Link to: Taking Steps to be an Airline Pilot

Corporate Pilots Get to Know Passengers

Corporate Pilots Get to Know Passengers

Many people only think of commercial flying as being an airline pilot. But we prepare you for numerous other pilot careers, including serving as a corporate or private aviation pilot. Link to: Corporate Pilots Get to Know Passengers

Pilot Instructors Give Back to Aviation

Pilot Instructors Give Back to Aviation

Whether it's as a certified flight instructor (CFI) or as an experienced pilot instructor at FlightSafety International, being a trainer is a rewarding career path onto its own. Link to: Pilot Instructors Give Back to Aviation