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Pilot Instructors Give Back to Aviation

Pilot Instructors Give Back to Aviation

As you undergo FlightSafety Academy training, it’s easy to see how important the quality of instructor is to successful flight training. Whether it’s as a certified flight instructor (CFI) or as an experienced pilot instructor at FlightSafety International, being a trainer is a rewarding career path onto its own.

FlightSafety International instructors are the heart and soul of the best training in the business. They work with the most advanced-training technology, relentlessly updated to stay at the forefront of instructional methods and effectiveness. They teach students from around the world and are committed to their success and proficiency.

They’re part of a worldwide team of nearly 5,000 dedicated aviation professionals, including pilot and maintenance instructors, technicians and customer service and management personnel. All with a passion for enhancing aviation safety and giving back to the industry they love.

Being a FlightSafety International instructor means having an impact on the future of aviation. And it comes with excellent benefits and advantages. Instructors enjoy competitive compensation, comprehensive benefits and performance incentives.

They work in a customer-focused, family-oriented culture with an atmosphere of teamwork, innovation and entrepreneurial spirit. Fortune 500 companies, aircraft manufacturers, government and militaries worldwide trust them to deliver safety-enhancing training for the next generation of pilots. That pathway begins with your own training at FlightSafety Academy.

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