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Pilot Career Achievement Strategy is a program developed by FlightSafety Academy to assist and promote professional pilot opportunities for U.S. students. This unique program provides holders of a Commercial Pilot Certificate with Instrument privileges CFI, CFII and MEI to receive training at no cost in return for short time investment as a flight instructor at the Academy. One of the leading aviation training companies in the world FlightSafety International has developed a program to help U.S. students both afford their professional flight training and to offer the opportunity to start their career as a professional aviator.

As a holder of a Commercial Pilot Certificate with instrument privileges, developing pilots can qualify for the Academy's PCAS. Once accepted into the program, FlightSafety Academy will provide Instructor training at no cost, in return for a two year tenure as a Flight Instructor in Vero Beach, Florida.

During this time the pilot will have logged adequate flight hours to qualify for the FAA Airline Transport Pilot License and will be in a most enviable position for all future interviews based on the safety, professionalism, dedication and piloting skills learned while at the Academy.

**PCAS positions are based on availability. Please sign up online to receive notifications when positions are available. (Academy Webpage> Employment Tab> Apply Online Now> Job Alerts).

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