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For International Student/Pilot
You're not a citizen of the United States but you want to begin or continue your pilot training in the U.S. FlightSafety Academy is where you need to go. As one of the a world leading flight schools, FlightSafety Academy is often the school of choice for aspiring pilots from across the globe and has the training programs and experienced personnel to help you get where you want to be.

Self-Sponsored Flight Training
FlightSafety Academy offers training curriculum in accordance with FAA Part 141 and Part 61 Regulations. As an international citizen, you may train under the M-1 or F-1 visa. This will allow you to remain in the United States for the duration of your training. (Students training under an M-1 visa are not permitted to work in the United States upon completion of their training and must return to their country of origin.)

Sponsored Flight Training
FlightSafety Academy proudly provides Airline and Flight School Sponsored Training for airlines and flight schools in Belgium, China, Germany, Ghana, Nigeria, South Korea and Switzerland in addition to many other countries that have entrusted the Academy with their ab initio pilot training.

If you are interested in airline and flight school sponsored training please contact airlines or flight schools in your country of residence to find out if they do training with FlightSafety Academy.

If you are a representative of an airline or any other kind of flight operation and you would like to set up a partnership with FlightSafety Academy, please contact us at 772-564-7600 / 800-800-1414 or by email at .

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