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FlightSafety Academy Airbus A320

Gain Direct Access to Our Elite Airline Partners

Airlines around the world recognize the value of FlightSafety’s high-quality training. It’s why they choose to partner with FlightSafety Academy to fill their pipeline with the next generation of professional pilots. We work with some of the biggest airlines, including Envoy Air and Delta Airlines domestically, and Air France and Lufthansa internationally, to help students gain the specific skills the airlines require.

Begin your training here and receive financial support or interview to be a member of the Envoy Cadet Program, Delta’s Propel Program, United Aviate Pilot Recruitment and Development Program or a similar partnership. We also partner with the U.S. government through the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). Your training will put you on a direct path to succeed at the employer of your choice. It’s a win-win situation for you and these prestigious airlines.

Create a Partnership

FlightSafety is always looking for its next airline to partner with for training. If you’re a flight operations manager, you’ve already seen how well FlightSafety-trained pilots fly for your carrier. Contact us to see how we can create a beneficial permanent relationship to recruit your next group of pilots.

  • “At FlightSafety Academy you are put into an airline environment from day one.”

    Arrey, FlightSafety Academy Pilot Pathway Cadet
  • “Through my training, I have learned that the quality of FlightSafety Academy is reflected in its people. In skill and character, FlightSafety is making me into a stronger pilot.”

    Yuko, FlightSafety Academy Cadet/Delta Propel
  • “As one of the leading and most respected flight schools in the world, Cadets can expect the highest training quality at FlightSafety. ”

    Ric Wilson, Vice President Flight Operations, Envoy Air