Complete Your Flight Training with FlightSafety Academy and Earn a College Degree from WVU Tech

Launch your career as a professional pilot with world-class flight training and a four-year degree in hand. Complete you flight training at FlightSafety Academy's campus in Vero Beach, Florida, while simultaneously earning a bachelor of science aviation management (BSAM) degree from West Virginia University Institute of Technology. The BSAM program combines the Academy's world-renowned training with WVU Tech's comprehensive aviation and business management curriculum.

FlightSafety Academy and WVU Tech purpose-build the BSAM program for the modern pilot. It builds skills needed in both the cockpit and the conference room. WVU coursework includes core education classes with courses in aviation, business, marketing and communications. FlightSafety Academy courses include private pilot certification, instrument rating, commercial pilot certification, airplane multi-engine land and aviation electives. Earning the BSAM degree requires a total of 120 credits – 91 of those from WVU Tech and 29 from FlightSafety Academy.

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