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The first step in becoming a professional pilot is to select the most professional academy available. This requires commitment on the student's part as well as a professional and dedicated training organization like that at FlightSafety Academy.

The next step is to pick the training course best suited for you. The Academy offers a wide verity of training options to include, but not limited to, the following:

✈ Professional Career Pilot Program – This Commercial Single Engine path is a part 141, FAA approved, 15 month certification training program with two options for completion. The program is designed to take students with no aviation experience to multiple FAA certificates and ratings. Training includes a combination of classroom theory, one-on-one flight instruction in both single engine and multi-engine aircraft, and flight training devices. Completion would provide the ability to obtain the certificates necessary to become a Certified Flight Instructor or meet specific regulatory requirements for the Civil Aviation Authority of China (CAAC) in preparation for Chinese License Conversion and transition to Chinese Airline First-Officer flight operations.

✈ Individual Professional Training Program - The individual Professional Training Program is set up with students on a one-on-one basis when training needs do not fall within any of the ACCSC accredited programs. The students Individual or custom professional training program will be determined based on the student's current experience and further training needs. Students are expected to maintain the same FlightSafety Academy, FAA and ACCSC standards as the accredited programs.

Airline and Government Sponsored Students

For airlines, governments or militaries sponsoring flight students please be assured that the Academy training requires its cadets learn our 'Safety First' principles in a positive learning environment where professional student conduct and dedication is mandatory. For many years airlines and government entities from around the world have trusted FlightSafety Academy to deliver high-quality training resulting in dependable and well trained new-hire flight officers. Airline management has constantly voiced their appreciation for the safety, discipline and commitment instilled in all our cadets.

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The Academy's Most Valuable Asset

While FlightSafety Academy has made a significant investment over its history in developing one of the best teaching and instruction assets, equipment, people and facilities, we believe our most valuable assets are our graduates. Our alumni fly or manage for operators, government organizations and militaries throughout the global aviation community. We honor the opportunity to have been able to play a part in their success. It also reinforces our goals to assure every student receives the maximum benefit from our standardized professional instruction through the utilization of advanced training curriculums, programs and techniques led by our team of professional instructors, in the air and in the classroom. We see our graduating cadet's success as a job well done and our greatest asset.

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