Students may be accommodated in FlightSafety Academy housing on campus. All students who enroll and register for training are eligible to reside at FlightSafety Academy dormitory facilities provided there are rooms available. Due to the community nature of dormitory living, those desiring greater privacy may prefer other housing accommodations. No student is required to live in FlightSafety Academy housing. Privately operated rental apartments in the Vero Beach community are also available to students and are not managed by FlightSafety Academy. A listing of rental accommodations and helpful advice is available to assist students with locating off-campus housing.

On campus housing is offered on a multiple occupancy basis. Rooms are designed for occupancy by two to three persons and are based upon availability. All housing is on a first come, first serve basis. However, students can be placed on a waitlist upon completed and confirmed admissions process if indicated on school application. Due to the individual nature of the instruction and possible variations to program or course requirements, it is difficult to establish exact dates for room availability. Students are permitted to remain in the school housing facilities until they have completed their FAA examinations. Students desiring dormitories are encouraged to contact the school as early as possible prior to the planned arrival to check availability.

Students who reside in the dormitory are subject to certain published rules and regulations and must execute a dormitory agreement. Dormitory check in is between the hours of 1:00p.m.- 5:00p.m. Monday through Friday (except holidays). A $250.00 Security Deposit will be charged upon check-in and student residents will participate in a mandatory move-in inspection and departure inspection. Student agrees, upon vacating, that the living quarters shall be in the same condition as when first occupied, normal wear and tear are acceptable.

Room rent, per person is charged monthly, at daily rates to the student account. The room rate charges are normally provided in initial correspondence to prospective students. Room rent is payable in advance. Each room is furnished. Wireless internet is provided at no additional cost. Extra accessories and other personal furnishings are the responsibility of the student. Rental rates are sensitive to operating costs, and therefore, fees are subject to change.

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