College Credit
Although FlightSafety Academy's training programs do not result in a college degree, it is possible for academy graduates to receive college credit towards a four year degree at several different colleges/universities. The following schools currently offer college credit for training successfully completed at FlightSafety Academy. Credit will be given towards specific degree programs at:

Independent Students
Admissions Requirements
Independent Students

FlightSafety Academy graduates are considered among the top candidates anywhere and in fact, many of the airlines and corporate flight departments seek out our graduates. While it is very possible to receive your FAA or EASA certifications from various local and part-time training companies, only FlightSafety Academy has been recognized by airlines and governments from every corner of the globe as one of their most favored choices for new hire pilots. In an effort to further enhance our graduates' value, the Academy has developed the Professional Career Achievement Strategy (PCAS) which can provide your first paid pilot position, build your hours to meet ATP thresholds, and receive a type rating at one of our FlightSafety International Learning Centers.

FlightSafety Academy can also help International students with license conversions to their home aviation authorities. We have experience with the conversion process with a host of countries around the world.

The first step to joining one of the world's most respected flight schools is to submit the required admissions documents. Please click on the appropriate link below.

Apply Now
This is where it all begins. Hopefully you've looked through the admissions requirements and are ready to get your application in and begin your training.

You can submit your application and associated admissions documents through email at, by fax at 772-564-7610 or by mail at 2805 Airport Drive, Vero Beach, Florida 32960.

You'll also need to submit a $150.00 application fee and $2,350.00 tuition deposit. The $150.00 Application fee is non-refundable. The $2,350.00 Tuition deposit is fully-refundable if for some reason you can not attend FlightSafety Academy. You may submit your money in the form of a check through mail, a wire transfer or by sending the Credit Card Authorization via fax or mail to us.

If you have any questions about the application process please call us at 772-564-7600 or toll free at 800-800-1411.

*If paid by credit card, you must submit a credit card payment information form and a credit card authorization letter by MAIL or FAX only.

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